Barrister Maurice Garber is a seasoned commercial lawyer and the founder of the law firm of Garber & Co. in Sierra Leone. Having practiced in the United States for over 15 years in corporate and commercial matters, he returned home in 2002 to set up his own law practice.

Mr. Garber is the holder of a Bachelors (LLB) and Masters (LLM) degree in Maritime Law from the University of London, England and an alumnus of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is admitted to the Bar of England & Wales, the New York Bar, the Sierra Leone Bar and the Jamaican Bar of the West Indies. He is also registered as a Solicitor with the Law Society of England & Wales.

In the United States, Mr. Garber's legal work involved real estate, civil litigation, immigration, commercial transactions, corporate and international business matters, estate & family law, taxation, banking and intellectual property law. He has represented several foreign governments, the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (FDIC) numerous corporate clients and individuals.

In Sierra Leone, the law firm of Garber & Co. hosts a thriving commercial practice representing corporate clients such as Guaranty Trust Bank, Union Trust Bank and other companies in the insurance, shipping, financial services, energy, oil and mining sectors. Mr. Garber serves as a Legal Consultant to the Private Sector, INGO's and the Government of Sierra Leone on constitutional matters, labour, commercial law, trade and mining laws and serves as City Solicitor for the Freetown City Council.

Internationally, Mr. Garber has served as a Legal Consultant to several multinational banks, international institutions and investment advisers such as the IFC, UNIDO, DIFID, Hogan Lovells and Louis Berger. He also worked at the African Development Bank as a Legal Consultant where he was engaged in a variety of legal matters including the drafting and review of loan and grant agreements; swap transactions, international bond placements, employment related matters, procurement contracts and the provision of legal opinions on complex commercial transactions and corporate constitutional issues.

He has represented the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Trade & Industry on numerous conferences within the West African region and he maintains close ties with other law firms in Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and the United States.


NAME:                                                                                                                  Garber, Maurice Reginald Olukayode
DATE OF BIRTH:                                                                                                 3rd July 1962
SEX:                                                                                                                      Male
NATIONALITY:                                                                                                    Sierra Leonean
MARITAL STATUS:                                                                                            Married
ADDRESS:                                                                                                           49 Upper Waterloo Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone
LANGUAGES SPOKEN:                                                                                     English, Krio, French and Yoruba
HOBBIES:                                                                                                            Jogging & Reading
CONTACT:                                                                                                           mauricegarber@yahoo.com ; Tel. +23276-671588

Prince of Wales Secondary School, Freetown                                              -          Sept.1973 - Dec. 1975
CMS Grammar School, Lagos                                                                         -          Jan. 1976 - June 1978
Federal Government College, Lagos                                                             -          Sept.1978 - June 1980
University of Lagos, Nigeria                                                                              -          Sept.1980 - June 1982
University of London, England                                                                          -         Sept.1982 - June 1985
Council of Legal Education                                                                               -          Sept.1985 - June 1986
Norman Manley Law School, Kingston, Jamaica                                         -          Sept.1991 - March1992

WAEC O-Level Schools Certificate -Division 1                                            -            June 1978
GCE A-Level - Economics-B, History-D, Literature-E                                 -            June 1980
University of Lagos, Nigeria- 1st year BSc. Business Admin.                  -            1980 -1981
University of London LLB Degree-Bachelor of Laws                                 -             June 1985
University of London LLM Degree-Master of Laws                                     -             Nov. 1992
(International Trade & Law of the Sea)

Best grade in Literature & Geography - WAEC O-Level                             -             June 1978
Outstanding performance in Economics - GCE A-Level                           -             June 1980
First position worldwide - University of London LLB
external first year exam (Holborn College Scholar)                                    -             June 1983
University of London Convocation Trust Prize
for best position in LLB first year exam                                                         -             June 1983
Outstanding performance-LLB Final year exam                                         -             June 1985
Outstanding performance-English Bar exam                                              -             June 1986

Admitted to the Bar of England & Wales (Lincoln's Inn)                            -             July 1986
Admitted as an Attorney of the State of New York (1st Dept.)                   -             May 1988
Admitted as a Barrister-Supreme Court of Sierra Leone                          -             Oct. 1989
Bar of the Southern & Eastern Federal Courts of New York                     -             Mar. 1990
Admitted as a Barrister-Supreme Court of Jamaica                                  -             Dec. 1995
Admitted as Solicitor-Law Society of England & Wales                             -            June 2002



Garber & Co. Solicitors & Advocates, Freetown, Sierra Leone -Founder & Manager (2002 to date) This is a full service law firm engaged in all forms of commercial transactions, mining and business law, legal consultancies, labor law, constitutional law matters, banking & insurance law, investment and corporate transactions including civil & criminal litigation.


African Development Bank, (July – Oct. 2007 & Oct. 2009 to June 2011) Employed as a Legal Consultant in the Administrative and Finance Division of the Legal Services Department. Duties include a review of a review of treaties, agreements, grant documents, loans, special funds and contracts. Providing advice to the Board of Governors and Directors on legal issues affecting the immunity, rights, obligations & privileges of the Bank; constitutional issues, employment & human resource issues; loans, grants & swap transactions; trust funds, cooperation agreement & financial instruments; advice on administrative regulations, grievances and disputes including the drafting of pleadings and representing the bank before the Administrative Tribunal; and the provision of general legal advice on all matters affecting the Bank.

Garber & Company, P.C-Founder & Manager (Jan. 1996-2005) A full service law firm based in Manhattan, New York City handling civil and criminal litigation, family law, immigration, commercial transactions, corporate and international business matters, estate, taxation, banking and intellectual property law.

Stevens, Hinds & White, P.C. New York City–Managing Partner (May 1988- Dec. 1995)
Managerial responsibility for a firm comprising 9 lawyers and 3 support staff including overseeing payroll & accounts, assigning legal tasks to lawyers and support staff, and coordinating the firm's docket of cases. In charge of the firm's civil litigation and commercial transactions department encompassing commercial transactions, corporate and international business matters, estate & probate law, taxation, banking, immigration, civil rights, civil litigation and intellectual property law.

Hackney African Organization, London, England (July 1987 to March 1988) Barrister & Leal Adviser for community based law center giving advice on criminal law, housing, immigration and public welfare rights.

Holborn College (Sept. 1998-June 1987) Lecturer and student Counselor. Lectured and mentored students in the following subjects: Law of Contracts, Criminal Law, Mercantile Law, English Legal System & Torts.


•  Legal Consultant to the IFC on legal issues pertaining to access to land, property law in Sierra Leone and land reforms required in order to stimulate foreign investment.
•  Legal Consultant to UNIDO on converting community based business centers into self sustaining companies and going concerns.
•  Legal Consultant to DIFID on mining laws in Sierra Leone and the review of the Sierra Rutile Act.
•  Legal Consultant to the IFC on tourism laws in Sierra Leone, property law and access to land by foreign investors.
•  Legal Consultant to Louis Berger on land laws dealing with Crown Grants, rights of way, expropriation and the rights and powers of    the Sierra Leone Roads Authority.
•  Handling of insolvency and foreclosure actions, loan work-out agreements, loan restructuring and collections on behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) of America.
•  Representing Independent Power Provider in 25MW power purchase agreement with the National Power Authority & the Government of Sierra Leone.
•  Preparation of pleadings and presentation of oral argument before the U.S District Court, D.C. and the U.S Court of Appeal, D.C. in RICO forfeiture proceedings in the matter of U.S v. BCCI Sierra Leone branch seeking recovery of U.S $2.5 million.
•  Class action lawsuit against the New York City Board of Education on behalf of school safety officers for unfair and unlawful employment practices.
•  Defense of U.S based company in breach of contract claim, and SEC violations regarding a private placement offering of $4.5 million to investors.
•  City Solicitor- Legal Counsel to the Freetown City Council, the largest Municipal Government in Sierra Leone on all legal matters including transactional matters, employment contracts, pensions, litigation, constitutional issues, business & investment advice.
Visiting Lecturer in the UK and the US.
Completed weekend refresher course in Arbitration sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators-North American Branch.
Member of several other civic, alumni and charitable organizations.


INTERNATIONAL TAX TREATIES & DOUBLE TAXATION - Presented at the New York City Bar conference entitled "Doing Business for Cairo to Cape Town (Oct. 1995).

SIERRA LEONE TOWARDS 2000 & BEYOND: POST-CRISIS RECONSTRUCTION, DEVELOPMENT & DEMOCRATIC RULE-Paper presented at the first conference hosted by the National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA) in March 1998.

Article entitled "WHOSE LAND IS IT ANYWAY" published in the Concord Newspaper, Freetown, Sierra Leone and on the Internet  –  March 2007

Article entitled "COMMONWEALTH LAWYERS-GETTING TO PRACTICE IN AMERICA" published by African Profiles USA magazine-April/May 1998 edition.

Article entitled "DOING BUSINESS IN AFRICA-AVOIDING LEGAL MINEFIELDS" Written in July 1999 for African Profiles USA magazine.



Article published: "A Legal Analysis of the Sierra Rutile Agreement

Paper presented: EPA – Challenges and opportunities for Sierra Leone


Professor Cedric Bell, Holborn / Kaplan School of Law, Woolwich Road, London, England

Lennox S. Hinds, Esq., Stevens, Hinds & White, P.C., 116 West 111th Street, New York, N.Y. 10026, USA.

Tsikata Dotse, Division Manager, GECL, African Development Bank, BP 323-1002, Tunis Belvedere, Tunisia